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GLO LAB Business Accelerator Retreat

Written by Joseph Powell

On August 17, 2022

November 8-22, 2022 in Nicaragua

An exclusive immersion holistic business coaching course designed to educate & motivate entrepreneurs to build the successful and sustainable business of their dreams. A world class, stellar collection of teachers, each with their different trainings, strengths and passions, have come together to create a powerful 14-day program split up into 3 sections, each interconnected and tailored to help create a more focused, dedicated, and successful entrepreneur.

If you are creating a new business and feel overwhelmed, or feel stuck in your own current business, or perhaps wanting to shift gears into a new business and don’t know where to begin, then this is the intensive immersion course for you. The GLO Business L.A.B. focuses on 3 interconnected modules: SELF, LIFE, and BUSINESS, and how they link to create a solid foundation for unstoppable business strategies.

The clarity you’ve been searching for is here.

What is The GLO Business L.A.B. ? A Business & Life Alignment Blueprint (L.A.B.) that focuses on accelerating your business brand to the next level, while aligning with your life values and focusing on health activation principles. In short, a holistic business immersion course guaranteed to change your life.

Mission Statement: To help each individual clarify their business goals and business plans to ensure financial success, longevity, happiness, and fulfillment.

What the student will receive: Daily coaching to enhance business clarity and business creativity, business strategy planning, business connections, friendships, and life inspiration.

Why is the location so special? The GLO Business L.A.B. will take place at GLO Selfcare Center in Northern Nicaragua, which is an off-grid wellness center focused on clean fuel nutrition and movement practices that promote sustainable energy levels, intuition activation, and brain health.

This GLO Business L.A.B. is perfect for: the person who is passionate and dedicated to growing their business and changing their life, and who understands the importance of taking care of body, mind, and spirit.

You will leave here feeling: confident, more vibrant, and ready to achieve your goals.

**This is an exclusive coaching experience with only 8 spots available to receive this specialized training. Prospective students will need to fill out an interview form to make sure this is the right training program for you. Team GLO works hard to prepare and ensure success for each and every student and we want to make sure that each student who comes is ready to commit to our program.

**Because this is an intensive immersion dedicated to helping you pursue the life of your dreams, the GLO Business L.A.B. will be an alcohol-free zone to raise your vibrations and clear all distractions. All of our energies will be directed towards helping you excel and we expect all students to be willing to fully participate in this experience with receptive minds and maximum energy levels.

*Each student will receive 2 coaching sessions with each of the three teachers throughout the course of the L.A.B. (for a total of 6 private coaching sessions over 14 days), helping to guide and troubleshoot your biggest struggle points in your business to accelerate results.

The GLO Business L.A.B. Schedule & Themes: Daily Schedule:

7am- Green drinks, organic coffee, herbal tea

8am- Entrepreneur focused yoga

9-11am Wholefood Breakfast options

9-11 Business Inspiration & Education Talks

11-1:30 Group Round Table 1:40 Plantbased Lunch or Paleo Bar

2:30-4:30 Co-working sessions + Private Coaching Sessions

4:30 Raw Protein Snacks

4:45 Beach Sunset + Ocean Swim

6:45 pm: Daily overview + progress report

7:15 pm: Plantbased Dinner or Paleo Bar

Business Themes:

Day 1 – Welcome Introductions & Connections

Day 2 – Retreat Goal Setting


Part One – SELF

Day 4 – Self-Belief

Day 5 – Self-Empowerment

Day 6 – Self-Awareness

Day 7 – Integration, Bonding, Relaxation, and Adventure Time

Part Two – LIFE

Day 8 – Design Your Dream Life & Design Your Best Self

Day 9 – Design Your Dream Business


Day 10 – Goal Setting for Year 1-5

Day 11 – Branding & Marketing

Day 12 – Selling

Day 13 – Graduation

Day 14 – Goodbye…feeling more empowered, inspired, and confident!

What is included besides the program with manual?

  • Each day will include 3 supercharged, superfood meals, 1 protein snack, 1 chlorella + medicinal mushroom green drink, unlimited herbal tea, & Berkey filtered water.
  • *Each student has the option to choose a plant-based lunch or dinner, or paleo lunch or dinner.
  • Each day will include one unique yoga class designed for the entrepreneur to stimulate creativity, brain activation, and boost productivity. Session includes journaling and meditation activities to deepen self-awareness and enhance inspiration.
  • This retreat is based on double occupancy per room.
  • Each room contains a private bathroom.

What Is Not Included?


Airport shuttle

Excursions out

Adventure activities

Nutrition consultations

Are you ready to accelerate your business?

Join us November 8-22, 2022 Nicaragua

Only 8 spots available!

Apply for GLO LAB Here

Have a Question? Email Me at Joe@JoePowell.ca

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