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“Which Coaches are you Influenced by?”

Written by Joseph Powell

On May 3, 2022

In Today’s video I answer the question that a New Coach asked me, which is “which coaches are you influenced by?” I also share:

My experience with working with two of the most well-known and expensive coaches in the industry;

The secret for how to offer the absolute highest level of coaching service in the market, while still being able to enjoy your life at the highest level;

What took me 4 years to learn in the coaching business;

What I think we need to do to evolve the coaching industry for the new world;

And the benefits of having your coaching programs stolen.

Yesterday I was asked the question by a New Coach

“which coaches are you influenced by?”

This is my answer.

And by the way if you would have asked me this question a couple of years ago, I would have had a list of people.

But as I evolve and more importantly as the human experience evolves, so do my answers.

Today, For Coaches who influence me, the answer is none, but hear me out for why, and its not that I don’t believe there are amazing influential coaches in the industry. It also doesn’t mean that I don’t have coaches or think they are extremely necessary in our growth.

I will also tell you three people who do influence me today.

The first of two reasons is:

I’m not easily influenced in general. I take pride in being an original thinker, being different, and having unique methods, which means there are very few people who influence me.

I also believe this is the goal, to eventually get to a point where we believe in ourselves so much, that we believe in what we are doing so much, that we align with our higher selves and higher power so much, that we do not need any form of outside reassurance or dependency recognition. This is a beautiful place to get live.

Now I will say that at the beginning of my personal development journey, and as a new coach, there are plenty of people who are great influences, but eventually you get to a point where you’ve learned everything you can from other people, and you need to start thinking for yourself, to take things to the next level. That is if you are influenced by the right people. The best coaches encourage and empower people to think for themselves.

Also in my personal opinion, I don’t think there is a whole lot of original thinking happening in the coaching industry today, and eventually you will learn this as well.

You learn that most are saying the same thing, and reiterating the same ideas, and when you learn this, it is very important you act, by stepping off the wheel, and understand that the learning moving forward, needs to come from within.

If you do this you will step into your own power, carve your own lane, and come up with new ideas, concepts and programs that can change today’s world.

Otherwise we can’t evolve. We need original thinkers, especially as we enter this new world and new earth we are currently experiencing. If everyone just shares the same ideas, we aren’t going to grow. We need some people to take action into thinking for themselves and creating new ideas. And btw, if you take this path, you will be met with resistance, because new ideas often bring resistance, but this means you are on the right path.

For those who don’t take action at that very important time, which is common by the way because people get addicted to learning, and this does happen to many coaches, they end up following programs that tell them how to Coach rather than align with their own authentic methods.

This is an approach that goes against what I coach on and believe we should all be coaching people on, which is how to align with their authentic selves and step into their full potential.

My second reason is:

When it comes to people who influence me, 

I can only speak on Coaches who’s services I’m familiar with, meaning I’ve personally used them, or I haven’t but at least know their methods, what they do, who they work with, and how specifically they help them.

So, I’m not saying that there are no coaches that would influence me. I’m certain there are likely hundreds. I just don’t know them. But I do know they are out there.

I’ll share about the services I do know, and then I want to come back to this idea.

There’s two that ive personally used and they are the most reputable in the business, and the most expensive. Not that I’ve been coached by them personally, but by their organization, which is a common approach for the most well-known and popular coaches.

Once they get too busy, they create a program and then run people through it to coach with those same methods. Essentially they streamline the thing that originally made them successful. But there’s a problem with this approach, and I learned this not once, but twice.

And as for the individual coaches who coached me, they were great. But it was the system that overall made the experience a fail. Which was that I couldn’t help but notice that the coaches coaching me were also running on a system, that consisted of multiple daily back-to-back calls.

And with coaching being such high energy expenditure, if you are really going for it, you can imagine how quickly you will get exhausted. I remember teaching English in Taiwan, the max you could work per week was 20 hours, because it was so tired, same idea as having limits for how long you work at Disney World. And I also see this right now in Costa Rica. People are being totally overworked, working literally everyday, and I see first handedly the devasting effects this has on the business, because everyone is burnt out and no one is happy.

The problem I have with this approach in coaching aside from just not feeling like I’m getting a personalized service, or even a real relationship out of the deal, but rather just the next call to get through, it doesn’t align with my way of life, how I believe we should be living, nor working. And while some can, I personally cannot get coached by someone who doesn’t share the same values as I do for my idea of the ideal life design that I’m trying to accomplish in my life.

My goal is not to overwork myself, nor to take on too much where I become a disservice to my clients. My perfect number is 5-7 clients at a time. Ideally 5 but I can take on 7 and still enjoy my life fully, which results in allowing me to coach at the highest level. I have to enjoy my life in order to fully show up for my clients. Otherwise I need to stop and take care of myself, which I have done in the past and clients were actually very cool about it.

After experiencing this twice, i will never again work with a coach in this type of situation. Let me share a quick life story. I was in Real Estate for 10 years, and when i first started, for probably the first 5 years, and especially the first two. I would have done absolutely anything for my clients. It was the absolute best service in the market, unfortunately when you are new, people want experience professionals and rightfully so.

However the ones who get too busy, then become no longer available, and they hire other people who just are the same in carrying the vision. Or you sub-par service because they don’t care.

So when I look for a service, I look for someone who is fairly new, but also one that my Intuition guides me to tell me that they are diligent in practicing professionally. And what is the purpose of knowledge without putting it into action.

Learning this I learned that the secret to offering the absolute best coaching service on the market, at the highest level possible, I need to feel like I’m new, but have the experience of a vet. And the way to do this is to not overwork yourself.

Also when you learn to Escape the Matrix and step away from man-made constructs, one being Consumerism, you learn that you can live with needing much less, which allows you to work less and enjoy life way more. This is the ultimate secret no one talks about.

I’ll wrap this up before going there by touching on one last point. Which is that there are so many amazing coaches out there that I’ll likely never know. Why, for two reasons:

1. Coaches are taught how to Coach in the certification process, but not how to be an Entrepreneur, run a business, market themselves, and get clients, which they end up learning the hard way is 80% of the whole gig. And if they do get some help, it is being pushing through the same stream lined process that every other coach goes through and rather than popping out the otherside in a blue ocean, it is red from thousands of other coaches who are already swimming there and hunting for the same thing.

2. For some reason, most coaches don’t tell anyone specifically what they do, and even worse in a lot of cases, who they work with. And this goes back to not knowing how to market and sell themselves, and like it or not, this has to be learned, if coaches want to coach. I’m not sure if they don’t know, or don’t want to give away their secrets, but either way, it’s the wrong approach.

And I’m going to change this, because I know there are hundreds of thousands of coaches out there who would be Amazing coaches and have the power to change the world, but are struggling because they don’t know how to get clients.

Ok to wrap this up, 3 people who influence me:

1. Kanye West 

Why? Because even being one of the most famous people on this planet, he stays authentic to himself, and most importantly, shares all of himself with the world. He hides nothing. Which is why many people don’t like him, but he doesn’t care, and we desperately need more of this in the world. He’s also a sick beatmaker and rapper and has the self confidence and belief that we all should aspire to have.

Some call him conceited but that’s due to conditioning that has programmed us to feel that we are less than we are, so we live below our full potential and be good workers for the economy.

2. Jim Carrey

Why? Because even with fame and fortune, he promotes what is really important in life. And I find it sad that there are so few who do this, which at the same time makes me admire him even more. Not only did he not lost his way, he is not scared to share his opinions nor how he is viewed by the public eye.

3. Me

Why? Because I believe we should all be influenced by ourselves. We should all be a fan of ourselves. And it took A LOT of work for me to get to this place.

Not only for this, but as a Coach, I know I am carving a path that is going to change the world. How do I know this? Because I’ve seen two of my coaching programs be used by coaches that I’d say are in the top 15 in the industry. I’ve also seen multiple concepts stolen and turned into digital products without being given any credit.

This doesn’t bother me because it isn’t about the program, it’s about the passion behind it in talking about and carrying it out. Secondly, even if it isn’t through me, my ideas are changing the world. Thirdly, it has given me confidence like nothing else possibly could.

Does this mean I’ll keep what I do and how I do it a secret. Absolutely not. Because I need my people to know where I am when they need me, and more importantly, making an impact is more important than who makes the impact.

I also trust the universe in that timing is everything, and that persistence is the key to success. It is a big mountain to climb, but that’s what makes to view so beautiful.

I hope you found this post of value. If you are a New Coach, or a Coach looking to get more clients or grow your business, feel free to reach out.

Onward & Upward!


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