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Welcome to the New World

Written by Joseph Powell

On April 28, 2022

How deep into this human experience are you willing to go?

Because I’m going all the way, and I want to invite you to join me.

This is a journey few have taken, especially to the depths I am about to travel.

And likely the first time it has ever been documented.

It is going to be terrifying, uncomfortable and absolutely incredible.

And for those willing to join me, I promise the following:

  • The strategy for how to create your dream life. The same one I used to create the life I am living today.
  • The strategy to achieve the deepest level of self-awareness possible.
  • The strategy for obtaining absolute Total Freedom. And I mean Absolute. Total. Freedom.
  • The strategy to live fully in alignment so you can achieve true happiness, fulfillment, and flow in your life, once and for all.
  • If you are lightworker, impact-maker, change worker, coach, or want to be; the strategy to lead powerfully in the world
  • And most importantly, how to start, build, run, and scale a successful Impact-Driven business in the New World.

And these are all just byproducts. The real value of joining this journey is you get to join me in Pioneering and Spearheading the development of the New World.

An incredible journey begins today. If you want to follow along, keep reading.

I want to start by saying that these are big ideas, and they require an open mind. And more importantly they require unity. This vision requires all hands on deck. And because we are here during this time, and capable, this is our responsibility.

The Journey/Mission

To pioneer and spearhead the development of the New World.

When you look at what is happening with things like the Metaverse and the crypto world, and NFT’s, it is clear to see that people want to be a part of something new. That they are looking for a new opportunity.

But there’s an even bigger and more beautiful opportunity, and it’s one that a growing number of people are talking about, which is the new world of our physical reality.

The New World was an idea for decades but thanks to the pandemic, the great resignation, the global Awakening, and this current rapid evolution we are experiencing, it is now here.

And this is a very important time where The New World is here, but undeveloped. Most know that they want change, but are unsure what that change looks like, or how to go about it. And rightfully so because it’s such a big idea. One that even though I know what needs to be done, and have a blueprint for, is difficult to articulate in a conversation, but am doing my best.

Similar to the metaverse, there is a blank canvas for us to shape a new reality for us and more importantly, for the future of humanity. And for those looking for more meaning and purpose in life, who know those things won’t be found in the next get rich quick scheme, understand they are here during this time for this movement.

Which is to Pioneer, shape, and create the New World. A World focused on love, that we can all be proud to be apart of.

I’m going to share the blueprint for how we can do this. But as we all know, it’s not about the how, it’s about showing up to do the work. And for this work, and this movement, it is about coming together and moving as one.

This work is going to take brave leaders, pioneers, new and original thinkers, lightworkers, visionaries, and love-focused rebels and renegades. The good news is that these people already know that this is why they are here.

And if you are here during this time on Earth and feel like you don’t have meaning in your life or a purpose, it is to be a part of this change.

So let’s get into answering the hard questions:

1. What is the vision for the new world? What does a world that we are proud of look like?

2. What do we need to do to make it happen?

To answer the first question, let’s look at what’s wrong with the old world.

Which on the deepest level is: we are totally out of alignment with our core values and basic needs as a human race.

We know what these human needs and values are. They are love, kindness, connection, community, certainty, meaning and purpose.

And over time they have been traded for wealth, power and convenience

Which has created war, hate, anger, stress, loneliness, uncertainty and a epidemic of unhappiness.

Not only are we out of alignment, we are focusing on the complete opposite of (whether we believe it or not) are our core values and needs.

We are dealing with major problems in the world today. The majority of the population is unhappy, unsatisfied, and unfulfilled. They are forced to live at just about break point, and just above broke. Mental health issues, stress, and hate have never been worse, and we absolutely need to do something about it. Right now.

Misaligned. This is the first problem. And before I share the second problem, I want to give you some good news. Is that the solution I’m going to share with you, will solve both of these problems.

What’s the second problem with the old world, lack of freedom. Over the past few years now, I’ve spoken to thousands of people as a coach. Do you know what the number one thing is that more people want, and feel they don’t have?

Freedom. Like our values, slowly over time, our freedom has been taken from us, on every level. Being asked to work a bit more, being asked to take less holidays, rising inflation, rising taxes. Somehow we just always happen to lose.

We are now at the point where the majority of the population is living just above broke. In my opinion I’ll even go as far as saying that we are dealing with modern say slavery.

Our governments and corporations get richer and richer, and we, keep losing. And right now, we are saying enough is enough.

So let’s revisit the question. Knowing where we failed, doing things the old way, what do we need to do in the New World.

How do we create a world we can be proud of?

My moving back into alignment with ourselves, and our needs and values, and by creating more freedom in our lives and in the world.

By doing these two things, we can make this human experience actually enjoyable again. Not just for us, but for our next generations as well.

There is no reason why we need to be slaves to our own system and there is no need for us to live in lack of happiness, love, connection, purpose and fulfillment.

Life can be beautiful. As someone who has been to both sides of this human experience, I promise you.

And finally, the big question:

What do we need to do to move the world back into alignment and create more freedom in our lives?

As i mentioned, there is one solution that will allow us to achieve both of these things.

It is for us to move back into alignment individually, together, and I’m going to tell you exactly how to do this in this journey.

Using the same strategy I used that has allowed me to achieve Total Freedom, live fully in alignment, and live my dream life.

And btw if you want to be a part of the first pioneers who take this journey together, behind closed doors, at no cost, I invite you to join me. Not just anyone, but those who are still watching and reading this message.

In this journey you will learn:

  • Who you are on the deepest level.
  • What your Dream Life looks like
  • How to turn it into a Reality
  • How to Achieve Absolute Total Freedom
  • How to Build a Business that is in Alignment with who you are and the life you want to live.
  • And how to turn that business into a successful business.

In summary you will learn how to Live + Lead in the New World. And because we are not bringing old thinking into the new world, these are all going to be new and original ideas.

Not only that, but I’ve been speaking to hundreds of people on these topics, and I can humbly say that no one else out there is talking about these things on the level you that you are going to learn them.

Also, we aren’t going to stop here. While these are the things that I’ve already achieved in my life that I’m going to share with you now how to do.

I’m also going to bring you along on the journey I’m currently experiencing, which is to achieve the absolute deepest level of freedom possible, and to experience the absolute rawest form of the human experience.

This journey has been extremely difficult already, but absolutely transformative. The ideas I’m going to share with you in this part of the journey have helped me to evolve at a level light-years ahead of everything else I’ve learned whether in a course or book, combined.

Not everyone will be able to take it this far, or likely want to, but you’ll get to see what it looks like and then from there choose the level of freedom you actually want. Because I think when people see how deep we can really go into the human experience, they probably won’t want to go all the way.

So whether you call it a program, or a course, it is going to be the most powerful one you ever take. One that will allow you to achieve all of the things you want to achieve in your life, while at the same time, create the New World, and create a world that we are proud to be a part of.

To take this blueprint I’m about to share with you, and pioneer and spearhead the development of the New World with me. And to seize this beautiful opportunity.

To do this, I need help. I need visionaries, I need, original thinkers, I need brave leaders, I need pioneers and lightworkers. And I need love-focused rebels and renegades.

The time is now for this journey to begin.

Stay tuned as we go real deep into the human experience and come out the other side in a new world that offers total Freedom and alignment around all of the things that are important to us.

And if you feel called to step up and be a part of this, and to pioneer the development of the new world, reach out to me.

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