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New Earth. New Thinking.

Written by Joseph Powell

On April 22, 2022
new earth

As we move into a new dimension and a new world, it is important we understand that we need a new way of thinking. Simply regurgitating the same information is no longer good enough. It is time for a group of leaders to step forward, and start bringing original thoughts to the table.

This is unchartered territory, which means there are no guidelines. This is backcountry, and those who are willing to trek first, will be rewarded with being a part of a something new.

Old ideas will not suffice. No matter how good they are. Because the entire way we think has changed. What we do know now more than ever, is how little we know. That our entire way of processing information to help us find answers is wrong. And so it’s time for a new approach.

This begins by understanding that there is more at work than what we can see. Which means science is not going to encapsulate everything we are trying to understand. We need to go bigger, we need to open our minds, and start thinking on a new, higher level.

If you are reading this, because I’m not sure how many people actually read these, I am going to share something with you that I’ve yet to share with anyone. Which is that there is a playbook in the works. Guidelines for how to live and lead powerfully in a new world.

Because with new times, comes the need for new leaders. This is all I can say about this for now, but if you are interested, let me know. And if you are interested to learn more about how to live in this new world, I invite you to book a call with me, and I’ll be happy to explain.

Not just how to live. But how to live in abundance, with happiness and fulfillment, in total freedom, and most importantly, in alignment with your authentic self. This is what living in a new world is going to look like and it’s the reality millions have been waiting to be a part of. To book a call, you can simply click here.

If you are interested in being kept in the loop as we venture into these new waters, please email here and I will add you to my email list. And if you want to join the Conscious Entrepreneurs Organization, you can do so here: Become a CEO

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