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The Progression of Success Theory

Written by Joseph Powell

On February 8, 2022

Here’s what you can expect to learn in this video:

How to Achieve True Success, Happiness, and Fulfillment in Life

How to Save 10-20 years of your Life in the Process.

How to Avoid the Default Path and The Success Trap.

How to Avoid Becoming Successful-Unfulfilled.

How we can End the Unhappiness Epidemic.

An Introduction to New Success in a New World and The Success Scale.

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  1. Ruth

    Really interesting listening. I’m a think outside the box person so when I got a corporate job in my 20’s (for better money) I hated it and felt very unfulfilled. Fast forward 20 years, marriage, 2 kids, divorce, struggling as a single parent and I somehow managed to do a fine art degree with photography because I wanted to expand my creativity and job prospects as teaching assistant. Ended up working as a carer to fit the hours around all this , my personal circumstances changed and I met someone who was able to financially back my business idea – to run a small care agency. The hours were really long at first and profit margin very minimal but it’s enough to get by and in a few years we’ll be able to afford a motorhome so we can travel more. The satisfaction I get from helping people in need and providing the fulfilling job opportunities I do make it all worthwhile. Knowing you are making a positive difference to someone’s life is so rewarding.
    Thanks for sharing your story it definitely resonates with me


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